Monday, 4 July 2016

All the good things

The last few weeks have shot past in a blur of activity, not all of it good mind you, but mostly it’s been fun. As you know we were at a wedding on the big island a few weeks ago, now that was a massive Jol. The English countryside didn't stand a chance, we invaded the place like ants, temporarily of course, and when I say we I mean around 20 or 30 Saffas. All expats, but Saffas nonetheless. My mate whose wedding it was is of course a South African and therefore all the Cousins, Aunties and Ooms that go along with it were too. I even took a bottle of Klippies with for all to enjoy, although the groom decided to drink most of it on his own in the space of 20 minutes the day before the wedding. One of the big highlights was the Dinner done by a South African caterer, It was a braai with the standard fare of potato salads a few greens and lots of cold beers. Now before you judge, don’t worry it wasn't a BBQ with sausages etc.  It was a proper Saffa affair with lamb and pork chops and some chicken for the vegetarians. Great fun was had by all.

After it was all said and done we made our way back to our Pandok here on the small island, the one that's still in the EU.  As we pulled in the drive we were mobbed by three screaming children and one very tired granny, not babysitting for 5years and then taking my midget dictator, with her terrorist siblings for a few days will do that to even the heartiest of souls. Fortunately my mom is made of tougher stock and managed to recover swiftly enough to enjoy the last day we had together, before we sent her back home in time to watch England exit the EU twice in one week.

Last weekend we were lucky enough to be invited to another expat do, this one started at Nandos on Mary street in Dublin, and it was epic. I know I keep saying that but believe me if you were here you would agree without argument. Now I did not realize how much I missed Nandos until I sat down and ate my first hot wing. The best part was being able to wash it all down with a savanna, it’s the small things right!  Anyway once we had our fill we all made our way to the Woolshed for the Irish tour of SA decider, It’s a massive sports pub with two story TV,s and is supposed to be an Aussie pub of sorts but there wasn't one in sight. We did however pick up a random Kiwi but that's another story entirely. After standing hand on heart to sing our anthem along with more than 50 others scattered in little groups throughout the pub, we began to shout for our team, I'm convinced they could hear us from here. Fortunately we won the rugby because the beating I would have taken at work on Monday would have been off the hook.

 After the rugby we said goodbye to a Customer and friend Id lost this last week back in SA like only we know how. A good few Klippies and Cokes were consumed with lightning speed accompanied by some reminiscing and storytelling for good measure. I must say thanks to those that indulged with me, you know who you are and should know it meant a lot. Losing someone that's close to you is always very difficult, especially when they are young and have their whole lives ahead of them and you are several thousand km away and can’t do a thing to help. Messages and calls can in no way convey your feelings no matter how many little emoticons you send. So just before 7pm C miraculously led us directly to our bus and guided us safely home thus putting an end to a great day.

The weird thing I realized on Sunday is that while we've been putting ourselves out there like eager teenagers in an attempt to forge these new friendships and enjoy a bit of home comforts, we've in fact actually settled and the feeling of familiarity is there now not because it reminds us of home so much as because this is our home. And the people we've met along the way have become good friends and an important part of our lives here, whether they like it or not.

So as I said before, my dad will be joining us in a few days, much wanted care package in hand, because I am literally dying for a piece of toast with Melrose cheese spread on it. But in the meantime Ill continue to watch England eat itself alive, beer in hand from the comfort of my very soft armchair. While replying to messages from family and friends asking us whether everyone in Europe has gone mad. The only real effect Brexit has had on my life thus far has been a ton of very funny jokes and a front row seat to the mess its created.

Till next time,Garreth 

Added below are just a few of the photo's we've taken along the way over the last six months.
Myself with our Very good Friends David, Haley and Greg, ( Julie and Candice were otherwise occupied)

lovely old tree
some exploring at Malahide Castle and Gardens

Myself and Tayla

Eryn and I

My Girls

The Trants and The waterfall,

My People at Powerscourt Estate

The Family at Powerscourt

Pub Crawling

Typical madness caught on camera

Tayla and Blake

Candice and I at the Waterfall

Heather and Shauns Wedding Venue
Braai at home

Us at our Best

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